Reflection journal

Watch the video here first!

Process : Wow. I had something completely different in mind when I started this project, but this has now taken a completely different course. As I mentioned before, I was not happy with the interview footage with Chan. It had very poor lighting, and he appeared really sleepy during the interview (it was taken at around 11 PM). I then decided to interview all the people on the floor and just make a video about the people on the 11th floor. I started with Milosz and Raihaan. For some reason (which I will never know), I decided to interview the both of them together, and interviewed then for about 1 hour. I wanted to ask them questions about what its like to live on the 11th floor, but as the interview went on, it began to take its own course. And I ran with it. The discussion shifted to how they met, how they became friends and of course, their love for star wars. It was then I decided to make my video completely about them, and ditched the Chan interview altogether. It was a bold decision, but in hindsight it was probably the right one.

Feedback : I think got mostly positive reviews, though there was some points I could have clarified. The whole video had a Star Wars theme to it, with the intro, the background music, and the references towards the end. I should have probably included some footage explaining how and why they like Star Wars. At the time of editing, I felt the other stuff about how they met was more important. Now, when I look back, the first 3 minutes feel quite dry. I should have put in some b-roll with pictures from their high school days, or something. Oh well.

Self-reflection : I think I did a good job towards the end, considering the circumstances. Because the new idea didn’t go through the rough edit process (I missed class that Wednesday due to my interview) and so, I missed out on some feedback, which would have been really valuable and made the video a lot better. But I admire myself for ditching the Chan interview and choosing a whole new idea. The best part was when the interview started to take a different course, and I didn’t fight it. I let it run, kept the camera rolling and it was just perfect. I didn’t know that Milosz and Raihaan were such close friends, and didn’t even plan to interview them together. It honestly feels like a bit of a miracle. I’m glad I had the ability to see and recognize that.

Future : I think the video is a really good tribute to Miliosz and Raihaan. Years down the line, I can imagine them, two old people on the porch (with guns pointed at each other :P) looking back at their lives, and they pop this video up and their grand kids would watch with them and say something like “wow grandpa was really weird”. But Milosz and Raihaan would like it. Maybe bring back some good memories, and give them happiness. The feels are already getting to me.

The references : I realize that not all of you might be familiar with Star Wars, so I thought I should explain some of the references here:

The intro sequence : a reference to the star wars opening crawl.

The background music :The Mos Eisley Cantina band song

The credit title :

  • LucasArts is an entertainment company that makes the Star wars video games. The film company Lucas film owns the Star Wars franchisee.
  • May the force be with you is one of the most popular expressions from the films.

The last 3 seconds : The famous “its a trap” said by Admiral Ackbar.

PS – Remember that interview I talked about, I got the job! I will be working full time at a company called AirWatch in Atlanta, GA starting this June :))))))


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