Module 3 – Post-production Journal

Reflection: I think I have some solid footage to work with. I have a very extensive interview, with some great points made. However, I think I will have some external footage and pictures, and that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I will only add them where essential.

What I can say: I think I will make my video from the anti fossil fuels point of view. There are too many important points in the interview to leave out and the video can’t go beyond 10 minutes at any cost.

Re-shoots: I don’t think I need any more footage, I have everything I need for the paper edit.

Evolution: From selecting the topic to where I am right now, I am happy with my progress. My video is turning out to be what I thought it will be, and I haven’t deviated too much from my original plans.

Timeline: To make a fine edit, I need to refine the narration, and figure out what exactly I want to cover from the interview. I also need to scour the internet for the pictures and other footage that i will be adding. I also need to figure out a way to cite them. A large credits scene seems painful, I might just overlay the source on the images, that way you can tell my footage apart from the ones I got from the internet.


Songs that are meaningful to me

Its hard to select only 2 songs that describe my college experience. Ideally I would like to include my entire playlist on spotify.

1. Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

This song has a special meaning to me. This song is actually about a divorce, but I never get that feeling while listening to it. To me, its just representative of peace and calm.

2. Intro – The xx

This instrumental song is probably the song that I’ve played most over the year. Its really hard to describe what this song means to me. No matter what my mood is, this song always seems to help. Makes me happy when I’m sad, and makes me happier when I’m happy.


Module 3 Production Journal

My role: My role in the film will be narrator. I will mostly bee conveying my ideas through narration only, I will not be in the film myself. I will also ask questions to the viewers.

Content: I want to make the viewer aware of the energy demand that his/her lifestyle creates. Make them ask themselves if they should change that, and get them thinking about it. I will include some facts about American’s lifestyle in general, and compare that with people around the world. I will inform the viewer about how this lifestyle affects our planet and its long term effects.


Some visual elements I want to put in the film:

1) Shot of cars on the road. Hopefully I get some big vehicles

2) Shot of the atm machine.

3) Shot of the vending machine.

4) Shot of the laundry machine.

4) Empty corridors, empty lobby, with all the lights on.

5) Wide shot of the city of Champaign, at night.

6) Shot of the power plant, close to campus.

7) Interview some people. This is something I need to follow up on. I haven’t decided who I will be interviewing.


Mario interviews Megan

Megan and Mario – Smoking
Here are my notes from the interview:
  • Since when?
    • 16, 19 now – 3 years
  • quitting?
    • yes, but i don’t think i will. I enjoy it.
  • health?pros and cons –
    • everything gives you cancer
    • mostly good things
  • affect your life?
    • sometimes, you can’t smoke in the library.
  • tried to quit
    • friends say i should. i try 2 days – but cant seem to stop.
  • get some help?
    • yes to going to a program
  • UIUC bans smoking. thoughts?
    • bothers me.its my right
    • it is still legal in the country.
  • Would you take pills ?
    • no pills. more of therapy or sport. the natural approach.

Paper edit

Megan was mostly pro smoking, which I don’t think Mario was expecting. But I would keep most of the questions as is, except the part about whether you would take pills or go to therapy. I would keep most of the opinions that Megan had about smoking.

For visual evidence, I would add shots of people smoking. Maybe some shots of people on the campus. Places like the library and the no smoking signs. No smoking signs around campus.


Module 3 question construction

  • Do you think that we use too much energy?
  • Exhibit question : Lots of people believe that this is a problem, but lots of people do not. (Show part of cool it and An inconvenient truth). Where do you stand?
  • Why?
  • Do you try to actively reduce the energy spent on your part? Do you think that that has an impact?

Short Film Deconstruction

The short film that I chose is called The Sickie – a festival short film that I found on Netflix (search for festival shorts collection). It is about an overworked office guy who decides to lie about being sick and takes the day off. The idea backfires when his guilty conscience constantly reminds him of an urgent duty and he ends up going to the office anyway, only to find that the urgent duty was not quite that urgent after all.

The opening shots have the theme song play in the background, showing the overworked office worker take the subway to work. The first shot shows him eating breakfast, then walking outside his apartment, waiting for the subway and then the next shot is of the title being displayed as the train leaves the station. The next 5 shots show him receiving phone calls and bothered by other staff and in general being overworked in the office.

The first 5 shots helped convey to the audience that Doug does not have a very exciting life. Also, the theme song, which repeats many times throughout the video is introduced here. The next 5 shots told the audience that he is overworked in the office, and hence this almost justifies him lying about being sick the next day. In summary, I think the opening shots did a good job of setting up the atmosphere and theme for the rest of the video, and covered a bit of the story at the same time.