Module 3 – Reflection Journal

Process: I think the first key moment was choosing something that I believe in. The next was finding a good person to interview. Fortunately for me, that week was earth week and there were lots of events on the quad, which was where I met Cary. After that it was just a matter of getting the narration right.

Feedback: I got some really helpful feedback from my group after showing them the fine edit, which was absolutely crucial. For example, even though I used some external footage in the video, most people thought it was relevant, which I was glad to hear. It was something I was concerned about, and I think it worked out ok in the end. Andrew also told me about how I should actually calculate the exact number of fires that Americans burn, which I thought was a nice addition to the video. People also said that the interview location was good too, with the quad as the background.

Self-reflection: This was something I was passionate about, and I think I expressed that well through the video. Overall, I think I am satisfied with my effort, I thought that I presented my point of view well. I was also happy with my narration. Though I must say that most of the videos of my classmates that I saw were quite extraordinary. I especially found Long’s and Shiyue’s videos quite inspiring.

Future: Since this video featured a member of the UIUC beyond coal, I can imagine this being helpful to him in some ways, though I’m not sure where exactly he will use it. I will send it to him, and I’m curious to see his response


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